Revolutionize crypto trading in volatile markets without FOMO

Dakko’s AI-enabled 'Critical Mass' algorithm is a game-changing solution to predict potential bullish and bearish crypto market phases even before the price movements.
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Uncertainty is replaced by clarity with the Critical Mass algorithm

Say goodbye to the traditional approach of relying heavily on social media, that are often inaccurate and misleading. Make strategic decisions with our algorithm that focuses on community detection through wallet on-chain clusters to provide transparent insights across various micro-cap coins. For early adopters seeking to fast-track their journey to financial freedom, Gradient offers unique capabilities. Join us in reshaping the future of consumer FinTech.

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At Dakko, hesitance gives way to confidence

Critical Mass Bullish and Bearish Report
Gradient automatically links to your primary financial accounts and tracks income vs. spend.
Real-time Data
Explore trends, correlations, and patterns, to identify promising investment opportunities.
Watch your Favorite coins
Monitor the sentiment in a coin and see when the masses turn bullish or bearish on a coin
Risk Assessment Tool
Advanced risk assessment tools, evaluating market volatility, liquidity, and historical data during both bullish and bearish market conditions


August 2023
Test Platform Capabilities, Clear Regulatory/Compliance Checklist, and Build v0 Mobile App
December 2023
Establish Product-Market Fit and Scale to 100-500 Early Adopters
March 2024
Gain feedback & Iterate to improve features and kill bugs
June 2024
Solicit Larger-Scale Funding; Invest in Marketing & Pursue Scalable Growth
September 2024
Continuous Innovation
Establish a new finTech baseline for consumer finance

100% transparency is how we build the most powerful AI

Version V1.03
55.4% accuracy
Version V1.02
56.1% accuracy
Version V1
55.4% accuracy
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Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

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What is Dakko?

Dakko is a crypto analytics trading platform designed to identify 'bullish' and 'bearish' trends in the volatile crypto markets. It uses a proprietary algorithm named 'Critical Mass' to achieve this.

What is the 'Critical Mass' Algorithm?

The 'Critical Mass' algorithm is inspired by George Soros' theory of reflexivity. This theory suggests that investors' perceptions influence market trends, and these trends, in turn, shape investors' perceptions, leading to self-reinforcing bullish or bearish phases. The algorithm aims to predict these market trends and refine investment strategies.

How does Dakko help traders identify "smart money" opportunities?

Dakko recognizes the significance of "smart money" in the crypto trading landscape. By leveraging its advanced 'Critical Mass' algorithm, Dakko focuses on pinpointing the most profitable trades in the market. The platform provides traders with valuable insights into where the "smart money" is moving, enabling them to make informed decisions and capitalize on high-yield opportunities.

How does Dakko's technology benefit traders?

Dakko's pioneering AI technology offers traders a competitive edge by detecting market phases influenced by investor perceptions. This knowledge provides traders with insights into the best times to buy or sell, allowing them to stay ahead in the market.

How is the 'Critical Mass' Algorithm related to Soros' Theory of Reflexivity?

The 'Critical Mass' algorithm draws inspiration from George Soros' theory of reflexivity. The theory posits that market trends are influenced by investors' perceptions, and these perceptions are shaped by the trends themselves, creating a cycle. The algorithm leverages this theory to predict market movements.

What can I expect from the Dakko Whitepaper?

The Dakko Whitepaper delves deep into the mechanics of the 'Critical Mass' algorithm. It illustrates its potential to revolutionize cryptocurrency trading by enhancing the accuracy of trend predictions in the ever-changing crypto market.

What is the future of crypto trading with Dakko?

Dakko envisions a new era in cryptocurrency trading, where traders are equipped with advanced tools and insights to make informed decisions. The platform's innovative technology aims to simplify and optimize trading strategies in the crypto domain.

Where can I learn more about the 'Critical Mass' Algorithm?

You can explore the Dakko Whitepaper for an in-depth understanding of the 'Critical Mass' algorithm and its implications for cryptocurrency trading.