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Dakko is the world’s first AI-based machine learning tool designed specifically for finding valuable NFTs. From identifying undervalued PFPs to unearthing NFT collections with inherent value, Dakko processes thousands of data points in seconds to help you make the right decision.

Track Top Collections & Investors

Be the first to know so you can be the first to get in. With Dakko, you’ll have access to AI-curated NFT collections presented by the likelihood of long-term viability so you can make smarter investment decisions.

Track NFT collections

Superior NFT Investing

Make informed decisions, not impatient ones. Identify new projects or tokens, track investment signals, and invest based on Dakko’s long-term prediction models that identify high ROI NFTs.

Track NFT investors

The Dakko Algorithm

Dakko’s trade secret algorithm analyzes thousands of data points - including historical prices, investor and collection statistics, asset parameters, and rarity scores - and synthesizes them into an easily understood Dakko Score on a scale of 1-10.
Transaction Data
Rarity Data
Other NFT info
Top Collections
Top Investors
Historical Price
Dakko Score


Phase 1

Dec 2021 - Jan 2022

Backend + Frontend

Designing backend and frontend architecture to support API interaction.

Phase 2

Jan 2022

Capturing Data

Collect historical and current data from OpenSea to develop v1 of the Dakko prediction algorithm.

Phase 3

April 2022

Base Algorithm

Further dataset cataloging and Dakko AI training.

Phase 4

May 2022

Closed Beta & User Feedback

Test MVP with qualified users and Dakko advisors. Refine until market-ready.

Phase 5

June 2022

Expanded Beta

Developing Dakko community and social reach through Discord, Twitter, and Medium.

Phase 6

July 2022

Dakko Launch

After meeting development milestones and achieving consensus from our advisor group, Dakko will be released publicly.

Our team



After having successfully launched and managed tech products for over 10 years, including as a Google Product Manager, Theo is now leading the team to leverage Dakko’s revolutionary potential. When not building and scaling products, he’s thinking about hiking the 24km Koyasan Pilgrimage Trail in Japan again (next time, he’s bringing a bear bell).



With over 20 years of backend development and formal training in Computer Science, Arkady’s drive to understand computer mechanics made him uniquely qualified to create Dakko’s infrastructure. Not content just to dive into backend development, he is also a keen freediver with a personal record of 30m (which he’ll soon best).


Chief of AI

A data scientist with more than 10 years' experience in analytical and machine learning projects, Timur is responsible for architecting Dakko’s predictive algorithm. Not one to let the machines do all the learning, he’s studying his 5th language (Greek), leveling up his chess game, and lowering his personal Rubik’s cube record (currently ~25 seconds).

Alex J

Chief of PR

After a decade of live television production, writing, and storytelling experience working with American networks and international brands, Alex is now guiding Dakko’s marketing strategy. As the typical American in Paris, he is seeing how long he can go without getting a comment about his French accent (current record: nine days).


Creative Director

With years of creative direction experience working with international brands and products, Edwin is shaping Dakko’s visual look and feel. Splitting his time between the Netherlands and Argentina, his non-design interests include traveling (often in pursuit of tacos) and playing with his two cats (which are as big as dogs).


Product Designer

An architect-turned-product designer, Kasia transformed her experience from designing physical homes to designing digital homes for people and is now elevating Dakko’s UX and UI. In addition to digital experiences, she’s an avid traveler keen to know places through backpacking and running.


Community Manager

An entrepreneurial ninja with an impressive capacity to turn a little into a lot, Kenji is Dakko’s friendly neighborhood degen. In addition to fostering Dakko’s community growth and inspiring their occasionally sound NFT decisions (once a degen, always a degen), he can also be found minting random things on the blockchain, and rapping a bit.


Frontend Developer

A mobile programmer with over 8 years of experience, Alex is driven to push his development to the next level. In addition to deep knowledge of both Android and iOS systems, he is versing himself on cross-platform development and design. When not exploring new digital skills, he's exploring the world around him with dual passions for traveling and rock climbing.

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